5G Automotive Forum 2018 – Trends and Predictions

5G Automotive gathered together automotive industry experts to discuss rising challenges of 5G telecommunications and implementing them within smart vehicles. A highly interactive panel discussion took place on September 25, where the panel chairmen Dr. Tim Pohlmann, CEO and Founder of IPlytics, and Mr. Dominique Bonte, Managing Director and Vice President of ABI Research, raised many crucial questions that were ranging from the present 5G landscape to as deep as the most complex use cases. Apart from that, there was a broad discussion over when 5G could be expected to be in the market in its full penetration. 5G Deployment […]

Autonomous and Low-cost HV Power Supply in Deepwater Environment

Forssea Robotics on ATOLL in Subsea Industry Gautier Dreyfus – Co-founder & CEO at Forssea Robotics, who has presented at the 4th Annual Advanced Subsea Power & Heating Cable for the Oil & Gas Industry meeting in London on Tuesday 30 of October, shared with us an overview of his company as well as the benefits that come from using ATOLL ROV. Paris-based Forssea Robotics is a subsea robotics and research and development (R&D) startup company set up in 2016 to reduce operating costs in the ROV and subsea markets. France’s Ecole Polytechnique launched Forssea as a spin-out from ROV operator […]

How Wireless Charging Will Improve E-mobility

CEVT (China Europe Vehicle Technology) is an innovation center for the Geely Group based in Gothenburg. During the last few years CEVT has made some great progress within the area of wireless charging for e-mobility and electrified vehicles. To develop and test the new technology CEVT has integrated a wireless charging system into a Lynk & Co 01. Lynk & Co is a new mobility brand in the Geely group that will launch their first car model in Europe 2020. Electric Vehicles: Challenges of Charging One of the main issues with plug in vehicles is the inconvenience of charging. Therefore, […]

How to Overcome Challenges of GDPR Conformity

Challenges of GDPR The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is in effect since 25th May 2018 tightens the requirements regarding data protection for anyone collecting or processing personal data within the European Union (EU). Violations of GDPR requirements may lead to heavy fines. However, the topic of Data Privacy for cyber-physical systems and related requirements towards development and operation are not new. Many regional laws and regulations pursuing the goals of confidentiality, integrity, availability, storage and purpose limitation, minimization, transparency, and accuracy of personal data have already been in place long before the introduction of the GDPR. Nevertheless, […]

Smart Farming – Current Trends and Challenges

Smart Farming – Current Trends and Challenges Shifting farm structures, labor challenges, consumer awareness and transparency of production methods, climate change, water scarcity, farmer suicides, food scarcity – the list of challenges that modern agricultural companies and their customers face is long and keeps on growing. These challenges drive the need for rapid technological change and innovation in an industry that has often not been recognized appropriately for its relevance and innovation leadership. Today, players across the agricultural value chain actively pursue scalable and affordable technologies to change the way we produce food, to make it more efficient, sustainable and […]

Efficient Usage of AI in the Sense-Plan-Act Model of Autonomous Driving

Dr. Nicole Beringer, the partner manager in EB – Driving the Future of Software, shared insights at our Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS Forum in Berlin on 24-25 of October on what are the biggest current challenges of Efficient Usage of AI in the Sense-Plan-Act Model of Autonomous Driving. The process of implementing Autonomous vehicle and utilizing ADAS is rather challenging, as manufacturers need to make very safe and reliable technology, and in order to do that they need to predict quite a lot of driving tasks and road situations. The major challenge is safety. You need to process huge amount […]

Developing an Effective Supply Chain Risk Management Approach

People, Process and Technology: The Perfect Storm for creating an effective Supply Chain Resilience Approach Driven by the growing awareness of the risk that dependence on global supply chain networks represent to market share, revenue, cost targets, brand value, and ultimately shareholder equity, increasingly companies are looking to supply chain risk management and resiliency strategies, practices, and tools for answers. PEOPLE & PROCESSES A prerequisite of a having an Effective Supply Chain Resilience Management approach is that you have, based on an agreed business case, the resources needed and the support of the executive management team. A well-functioning resiliency program […]

E-mobility of CEZ Group

CEZ is active in E-mobility since 2009 when we started our pilot project in cooperation with Peugeot. The aim of the pilot was to test both technology and our assumptions about the future e-mobility market. For utility a focus on charging infrastructure is a logical entry point into e-mobility business. Due to a nature of our core business, providing charging, both public and private, is natural extension of our services and products we offer to our customers. E-mobility fits well into a changing world of utility business, where we are moving from simple supply of commodity to more sophisticated products […]