The world is defined by the limits: speed limits, regulations, borders, legal barriers, behavior norms… There’s only one thing that denies the principle of limiting itself: our power of thought.

Bending the barriers, cutting the corners, rocketing up to the sky – our thoughts can reach beyond the limits and they give us freedom of constant development and progress.

BIS Group was founded to multiply the power of thought by uniting industry leaders to establish the living, breathing, real-time platform for industry development. Platform created by the will of free people to rise above the beaten tracks, share their knowledge and experience and lay a new way for progress.

Meet the top professionals, global leaders and experts active in Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Renewables, Automotive, Supply Chain and Project Management.

Share your experience, improve your performance, master new tools and techniques.  Join the Grid!

BIS Group – Knowledge has no limits!