Developing an Effective Supply Chain Risk Management Approach

People, Process and Technology: The Perfect Storm for creating an effective Supply Chain Resilience Approach Driven by the growing awareness of the risk that dependence on global supply chain networks represent to market share, revenue, cost targets, brand value, and ultimately shareholder equity, increasingly companies are looking to supply chain risk management and resiliency strategies, practices, and tools for answers. PEOPLE & PROCESSES A prerequisite of a having an Effective Supply Chain Resilience Management approach is that you have, based on an agreed business case, the resources needed and the support of the executive management team. A well-functioning resiliency program […]

PostFinance – Our Approach in Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

PostFinance increases cost efficiency in operation units and ensures effective and efficient handling of business cases, bearing in mind our Digital Powerhouse vision. Our focus is implementing smart processes using automation and optimization. By doing so, we are able to reduce the cost base of operative processing significantly. The operative process landscape we see today is what provides the basis for RPA and other optimization measures. We are currently facing the following challenges: – Many physical documents and “paper processes”, leading to frequent customer interaction and order referrals – No consistent digital processing / little straight-through processing – Excessive expenses […]

Bringing Smart Home to mass market

The smart home is at a critical evolutionary point, with mass market adoption underway and innovative business models gestating. The era of enabling genuinely transformative services around a customer’s connected life is on the cusp of being a reality.   Matthias Mieves, Head of New Business, Sales and Marketing, Connected Home – Deutsche Telekom, will speak on 07.09.2017 at 10:00am at the Smart Home Forum in Berlin, and reveal how companies in all sectors can achieve mass market success with their smart home propositions, by tapping into business models showing the most potential ones across Europe.   He will highlight […]

Factory of Future: Reinventing the Manufacturing Organization

Factories of the Future 4.0 are forward-looking manufacturers who systematically take up the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. They supply products with high value added and are flexible enough to respond to swiftly changing market demand. This also enables them to continue playing a major role in a dynamic worldwide manufacturing network.   Being open-minded about new business models, Factories of the Future fully embrace digitized production processes. They take care how they carefully  handle energy and materials and maximally exploit the potential of modern production technologies.   Besides technological innovation, social innovation is also high on the agenda, […]