72 kV AC “Wet-design” power cables and Umbilicals

Remote locations of the modern offshore O&G sites are bringing the need for the reliable, efficient and cost-effective deep-water applications. Subsea cable technology has been steadily developing through the last 2 decades offering the wide range of solutions to the industry.   Amongst the latest innovations is JDR’s 72 kV “wet-design” power cables and umbilicals.  These designs eliminate the need for a heavy metallic radial moisture barrier as used in conventional […]

DEH system – a Green Solution for Flow Assurance

Nexans is well-known as a DEH (Direct Electrical Heating) system pioneer and undoubted leader. Development of the DEH system was crucial due to extending pipelines lengths so as due to the necessity of ensuring certain temperature levels and minimizing the heat losses in oil/gas flow to prevent the plug-formation. DEH system was a result of the Joint Industry Project (JIP) which was formed by Nexans, Statoil, Sintef and Technip.   […]

The Role of Technology in Complex Projects Management

Digital technologies empowering business processes.. Does it sound familiar to you? For sure it does.   Every influential market player nowadays structure its budget taking digital tools upgrade into consideration for the sake of further performance optimization. So what are the benefits and expected outcomes of the digital solutions implementation?   Data accumulation and backups. Being the basis for the future project planning, statistical data opens new horizons for the […]

Statements of Work

A practical guide to getting them right   Writing a Statement of Work (SOW) is one of the most important things that a project manager will have to do, frequently it is the first deliverable that a client sees. It is crucial that your SOW tells the client a story. It starts with the “why”, then moves to the “how” and “what”, followed by the “when”, and “how much”. Everything […]

Most Project Leaders Need A Paradigm Shift

Current research suggests that over 70% of projects fail to achieve their goals with the three top reasons relating to people; lack of strong leadership, poor understanding of an individual team member’s skills and lack of focus on developing high-performance in the team.   In 2016, I spoke at many project leadership conferences and the first question I asked the audience was “When you get together as a project team, […]

Collaboration for Enhanced Performance

The benefits of collaboration within Oil and Gas Industry were described over than a decade ago in the upturn conditions. Needless to say that during the downturn and slowly recovering markets, collaboration between the stakeholders is becoming inevitable.   Delivery of the large and complex projects requires a closer engagement of the operators and contractors. And that’s where the strategic alliances are being formed. Every significant crisis at Oil market […]

Subsea Umbilicals – Challenges and Perspectives

Offshore and subsea Oil and Gas industry places the umbilicals as the main tool for establishing the connection between the host facility through which control is exercised, power transmitted and utilities such as injection chemicals delivered to subsea wells. Thus the umbilical technology stays a constant subject for research and improvement. While the industry is exploring new depths, it’s setting up new requirements for the umbilicals -extensive length, amended reliability and […]