Autonomous and Low-cost HV Power Supply in Deepwater Environment

Forssea Robotics on ATOLL in Subsea Industry Gautier Dreyfus – Co-founder & CEO at Forssea Robotics, who has presented at the 4th Annual Advanced Subsea Power & Heating Cable for the Oil & Gas Industry meeting in London on Tuesday 30 of October, shared with us an overview of his company as well as the benefits that come from using ATOLL ROV. Paris-based Forssea Robotics is a subsea robotics and research and development (R&D) startup company set up in 2016 to reduce operating costs in the ROV and subsea markets. France’s Ecole Polytechnique launched Forssea as a spin-out from ROV operator […]

Peculiarities of Condition Monitoring in Small Hydro

In the common and generally accepted sense, condition monitoring (CM) is referred to machinery as an essential part of the predictive maintenance, while the fitness-for-service (FFS) has the same goal as CM, but referred to static equipment. Both terms are derived from the oil & gas industry where for the first time those concepts were applied in the past and then extended to other fields, including hydropower. As everybody knows in the field, a hydropower plant is composed by many elements and it can be said that hydropower is a highly multidisciplinary field, involving hydrology, hydraulics, geology, structural, mechanical, electrical, […]

Mainstreaming Solar Energy with Prosumers through SolarCoin

“SolarCoin is like air miles for global solar electricity producers.” SolarCoin ( is a global solar rewards program that has been acting independently and additionally to existing Government-backed subsidies for a period of 40 years. SolarCoin is a Digital Asset created as a means to reward solar energy generation and solar energy producers (both PV and CSP) and incentivize for further solar growth throughout the world. SLR are granted at the rate of 1SLR per MWh of solar power produced. SolarCoins have been granted to solar power producers in 68 countries with over 11.000.000 SolarCoins granted – enough to power the […]

Preventive Maintenance: A Different Approach to PV O&M

Stern Energy, Italy-based O&M provider operating in Italy and UK, is putting efforts to provide an effective preventive O&M service including systematic data analysis and plant’s main components recurrent testing to bring about a new approach to solar operations and maintenance (O&M). With this approach Stern is committed to cut long-term PV plant Operations and Maintenance and to keep plant well performing in the long run. Understanding the determinants of costs in an effective O&M service delivery Preventive maintenance involves a modest increase in ongoing O&M yearly budgets to allow for greater data collection that can help head off the […]

Impact of the Cleaning on PV Modules

Field results: evaluation of the impact of the cleaning on the final module power In recent years, an increase in PV systems installed close to the equator line has been observed due to the higher irradiation afforded at these locations. As these regions are often characterized by an arid climate, sand and dust deposition on the PV modules can significantly reduce the energy yield. Closer to the equator, the soiling effect becomes more decisive because of the lower tilt angle of the installed PV modules which is designed to optimize performance for the higher incident angle of sunlight. Daily performance […]

Solar PV Asset Optimization – Achieve Operational Excellence Through Quality Assurance and Insurances

The solar business is a young worldwide fast-growing sector – most of the people working in the solar have less than 3 years’ solar experience. During the last years the focus has been mainly on growth and development, but as the sector is becoming more mature, investors are becoming more aware of the risks involved, therefore demanding better protection of their assets. Until now insurances have not been the priority of developers, EPC’s, technical advisors and asset managers. With growing requirements from the investors, companies are actively looking for ways to meet their demands and provide complete certainty regarding their solar […]

Standardisation of Data Management Approach – Device and Channel Naming

PV plants generate large volumes of data which is a big advantage, however the challenge is using that data effectively. The devices we install are relatively standard and are being used many times, so we should be able to have rather simple systems to gather data and understand how the Plant is performing. Nonetheless, there are many ways to name even the simplest devices and it is sadly the case that the hardware manufacturers have different ideas on how to call the various registers. Web monitoring platform providers have even more innovative ways of naming these simple things, and if […]

How Big Data Analytics and IoT help wind farm operators to maximize their ROI?

Ideally, a wind turbine must be ready to operate any time the wind blows. However, this is not always the case due to unexpected failures. Wind turbines consist of various moving parts and mainly operate in remote areas. Therefore, a reactive maintenance approach is very costly due to emergency repairs and decreased availability. Big Data analytics and IoT revolutionize the maintenance approach by turning the unexpected failures into accurate predictions. Most of the faults give the early signals before they lead to a breakdown. The signal can be a change in the vibration or a deviation in the temperature. The […]