Factory of Future: Reinventing the Manufacturing Organization

Factories of the Future 4.0 are forward-looking manufacturers who systematically take up the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. They supply products with high value added and are flexible enough to respond to swiftly changing market demand. This also enables them to continue playing a major role in a dynamic worldwide manufacturing network.   Being open-minded about new business models, Factories of the Future fully embrace digitized production processes. They […]

Child Labour in Artisanal and Small-scale Mining

Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) is usually being practiced by the small groups of individuals often illegally with minimal technology and machinery. ASM is commonly accompanied with the lack of safety measures and poor working conditions as well as with low productivity. ASM is wide spread in the Third World countries rich in natural resources being the main source of income for the citizens. Bad news is that there are […]

Conflict Minerals – Risk Management

Speaking of Conflict Minerals Supply Chain Compliance and Transparency, the term of “due diligence” cannot be dismissed. For all the 3TG utilizing manufacturers reasonable supply chain investigation is required in order to keep the production conflict-free. Risk-based management seems to be the most trustworthy way for establishing transparent supply chain. Risk-based approach to the conflict minerals issue for industry developers includes: Creating conflict minerals company policy covering principles of conflict […]

Conflict Minerals – a Burden of Choice

Over the decades of booming technological progress industry developers have been facing the unpleasant picture of conflict sourcing. Demand creates supply but what is the price? Natural resources have always been the most desired part of the planet’s treasures leading to the conflicts, slavery, wars. Conflict minerals are widely-used across the industries, electronics industry in particular. Demand establishes a vicious cycle – conflict minerals trade constantly brings sources for the […]

Logistics Through the Prism of Data

Logistics and optimization has been walking side by side for a very long time and there’s no evidence that the progress should turn into the excellence any time soon. Deepening of the world’s digitization dictates the deployment of data-driven optimization tools. Mapping and tracking supply chain, warehousing administration – all it goes through the prism of data analysis. Contemporary technology offers multiple software solutions and gadgets for everyday performance optimization. […]

Supplier Management and Key Performance Indicators

According to Eugenio Filippi (Baxalta) an experienced supply chain manager (over 10 years across 2 industries), supply chain departments quite usually have a (large) number of measurements and scorecards in place, but somehow the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) seem to remain elusive. Eugenio suggests to choose 5 most important (critical) indicators to represent your organizational performance and focus on them. These 5 indicators should be: Manageable i.e. can be easily adjusted and […]

Supply Chain: Big Data Upgrade

“In God we trust; all others bring data.”   W. Edwards Deming While world digitalization is picking up the pace, Big Data analytics is becoming more and more important tool in overall supply chain risk management. Big Data analytics is based on algorithmic techniques, practices, methodologies, and applications in order to analyse and make sense of critical business data to improve understanding of operations and market. Analytics helps businesses to predict […]

Risk Management for Supply Chain: principles

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”  (Mark Zuckerberg) In the constantly changing business environment the only thing that really matters is the ability to adapt to any diverse internal and external factors. Supply chain market sector certainly requires agile risk management strategy. Supply chain risk management refers to the […]