5G Automotive: Press Release

GLOBAL INDUSTRY LEADERS TO CONNECT ON 5G AUTOMOTIVE FORUM The emergence of 5G will transform the automotive industry’s traditional business model to give way to a radical new approach. Cars will become a “mobile device” – a platform for innovative, compelling applications that enrich user experience. 5G will enable cars to communicate electronically with other vehicles on the road and with the road itself, exchanging real-time information such as current […]

Happy Easter from BIS Group!

Easter is already here and we cannot believe it. In Czech Republic we have Friday, March 25th through Monday, March 28th free. This gives us four days to spend with family and friends. We recommend collecting as many colored eggs as you can and biting off the heads of your chocolate bunnies first since it’s the most painless option. While you are free, take time to do something you enjoy. Maybe […]

Spring is near, BIS Group is here!

As spring approaches us in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic we are working diligently on upcoming conferences and as always finding the utmost valuable info for our clients. This month we hired four new employees for the roles of sales, marketing, and production. We like to look at the hiring of the new employees as a new era for BIS Group, and with that we decided to revamp […]