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Renewable energies: No wind turbine disturbing the scenery
– July 20, 2021

In the Alpine foothills, in low mountain ranges, or on the seacoast, expansion of wind energy use often meets popular resistance. Researchers have now Continue Reading

Data identifies turbine wake clustering, improves wind farm productivity via yaw control
– July 20, 2021

Researchers describe a real-time method for potentially helping turbine farms realize additional power from the clustering of their turbines. Their me Continue Reading

Renewable energy OK, but not too close to home
– July 19, 2021

When it comes to transitioning from carbon-based to renewable source energy systems, Americans are on board. They’re less keen, however, having these Continue Reading

Remotely-piloted sailboats monitor 'cold pools' in tropical environments
– July 8, 2021

Researchers used remotely-piloted sailboats to gather data on cold air pools, or pockets of cooler air that form when rain evaporates below tropical s Continue Reading

Better method to predict offshore wind power
– June 30, 2021

Researchers have developed a machine learning model using a physics-based simulator and real-world meteorological data to better predict offshore wind Continue Reading

How to build a better wind farm
– June 28, 2021

Location, location, location — when it comes to the placement of wind turbines, the old real estate adage applies, according to new research. Continue Reading

A novel energy storage solution featuring pipes and anchors
– June 23, 2021

What do pipes and anchors have to do with storing energy? More than you might think! A new study explored the potential of a lesser known, but promisi Continue Reading

Are wind farms slowing each other down?
– June 3, 2021

Many countries promote the expansion of wind farms. However, if these offshore wind farms are set up close to each other, wind energy and hence electr Continue Reading

Technique to evaluate wind turbines may boost wind power production
– May 25, 2021

With a global impetus toward utilizing more renewable energy sources, wind presents a promising, increasingly tapped resource. Despite the many techno Continue Reading

New framework incorporating renewables and flexible carbon capture
– May 19, 2021

As the global energy demand continues to grow along with atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), there has been a major push to adopt more sustain Continue Reading

Wake steering potentially boosts energy production at US wind plants
– May 18, 2021

Wake steering is a strategy employed at wind power plants involving misaligning upstream turbines with the wind direction to deflect wakes away from d Continue Reading

Vertical turbines could be the future for wind farms
– April 27, 2021

The now-familiar sight of traditional propeller wind turbines could be replaced in the future with wind farms containing more compact and efficient ve Continue Reading

Experts' predictions for future wind energy costs drop significantly
– April 15, 2021

Technology and commercial advancements are expected to continue to drive down the cost of wind energy, according to a new survey. Experts anticipate c Continue Reading

Solar and wind power could mitigate conflict in northeast Africa
– April 8, 2021

A new study shows that several disagreements between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt around Africa’s largest hydropower plant, the new Grand Ethiopian Renai Continue Reading

How improving acoustic monitoring of bats could help protecting biodiversity
– March 25, 2021

In order to assess the risk of bats dying at wind turbines, it is common practice to record the acoustic activity of bats within the operating range o Continue Reading

Whooping cranes steer clear of wind turbines when selecting stopover sites
– March 11, 2021

An article reports that whooping cranes migrating through the U.S. Great Plains avoid ‘rest stop’ sites that are within 5 km of wind-energy infrastruc Continue Reading

Field study shows icing can cost wind turbines up to 80% of power production
– March 4, 2021

Researchers took their studies of wind-turbine icing out of the lab and into the field to learn how and where ice accumulates on rotating blades. They Continue Reading

Research contributes to understanding of hypersonic flow
– March 4, 2021

Using data collected in a NASA wind tunnel, researchers replicated the hypersonic flow conditions of a compression ramp flow using Direct Numerical Si Continue Reading

Low-level jets create winds of change for turbines
– February 23, 2021

Global wind power capacity has increased more than fivefold over the past decade, leading to larger turbines, but low-level jets are one cause for con Continue Reading

Aging offshore wind turbines could stunt growth of renewable energy sector
– February 16, 2021

A new study highlights the urgent need for the UK’s Government and renewable energy industries to give vital attention to decommissioning offshore win Continue Reading