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Modern wind turbines can more than compensate for decline in global wind resource
– June 21, 2022

Wind energy contributes significantly to the energy sector’s sustainable, low-CO2 transformation. However, the efficiency of wind turbines depends on Continue Reading

Inspired by palm trees, scientists develop hurricane-resilient wind turbines
– June 16, 2022

New results from real-world tests of a downwind turbine could inform and improve the wind energy industry in a world with intensifying hurricanes and Continue Reading

Death of bats at wind turbines interrupts natural food chains
– June 7, 2022

The numerous casualties of bats at wind turbines (WT) have a negative impact on the populations of affected species and potentially far-reaching conse Continue Reading

Ancient ocean floors could help in the search for critical minerals
– June 3, 2022

Studying ancient ocean floors could help us discover minerals needed to produce electric cars and solar panels. Continue Reading

Wind turbines operating without curtailment claim many victims among protected bat species in Germany
– June 1, 2022

Protected and rare bats regularly die at wind turbines (WT). This is why the operation of new wind turbines is temporarily curtailed during periods of Continue Reading

As the grid adds wind power, researchers have to reengineer recovery from power outages
– May 31, 2022

When electric grids go down, there’s no way to restore them — ‘blackstart’ them — with power from wind turbines. A team is now working to develop st Continue Reading

Experts forecast the wind plant of the future to be taller and more economical
– May 24, 2022

Anticipating key features of wind plants a decade or more ahead of their installation can inform today’s investment, research, and energy system plann Continue Reading

Improved wind forecasts save consumers millions in energy costs
– May 17, 2022

Scientists determined that by increasing the accuracy of weather forecasts over the last decade, consumers netted at least $384 million in energy savi Continue Reading

Rapid adaptation of deep learning teaches drones to survive any weather
– May 5, 2022

Neural-Fly technology could one day build the future of package delivery drones and flying cars. Continue Reading

Study finds offshore wind could drive down energy costs in New England, US
– April 21, 2022

While wind power is expected to be a ‘saving grace’ during extreme winter storms, researchers wanted to look at whether storms could also disrupt powe Continue Reading

You've heard of water droughts. Could 'energy' droughts be next?
– April 12, 2022

Drawing on 70 years of historic wind and solar-power data, researchers built an AI model to predict the probability of a network-scale ‘drought,’ when Continue Reading

Lack of marshaling ports hindering offshore wind industry
– April 12, 2022

A new study finds that the nation’s existing and planned marshaling ports, the assembly areas critical to building and deploying offshore wind turbine Continue Reading

Collision hotspots for migrating birds revealed in new study
– April 12, 2022

New research highlights the areas in Europe and North Africa where the construction of wind turbines or power lines is likely to increase the risk of Continue Reading

Bionic wing flaps improve wind energy efficiency
– March 22, 2022

Scientists show a bionic approach combining features of a seagull’s wing with an engineered flow control accessory, known as a Gurney flap, can greatl Continue Reading

Wind, solar could replace coal power in Texas
– March 21, 2022

A fraction of the wind and solar projects already proposed in Texas could eliminate the state’s remaining coal power plants and their emissions, accor Continue Reading

Making green energy greener: Researchers propose method for wind turbine blades' recycling
– March 15, 2022

Wind turbine blades made from glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) laminate composites can serve for up to 25 years. After that, they end up in landf Continue Reading

Nuclear power may be the key to least-cost, zero-emission electricity systems
– February 14, 2022

Nuclear power generation can play a crucial role in helping the world reach a key goal of zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century, especial Continue Reading

Solar and wind power are key to decarbonizing Switzerland
– February 11, 2022

How can we reduce the carbon footprint of electricity consumption in Switzerland? The country relies on electricity imports from fossil fuel power pla Continue Reading

Jet stream models help inform US offshore wind development
– February 7, 2022

With the federal government planning to hold the largest sale of offshore wind farm leases in the nation’s history, a new study could help inform the Continue Reading

Scientists develop insect-sized flying robots with flapping wings
– February 2, 2022

A new drive system for flapping wing autonomous robots has been developed, using a new method of electromechanical zipping that does away with the nee Continue Reading