Road to Full Autonomous Train

The capacity of today’s railway network is limited because of the block segmentation which provides only discrete train slots and which has grown and evolved historically. Helping our customer to use the maximum capacity of their existing network and increasing the throughput is our target. With train autonomy, the operator can reach much higher capacity using their existing network, by moving more trains in the same network infrastructure, thanks to […]

Virtual commissioning for Wind Farms using Hybrid models: A digitization approach

Digital twin is a virtual and digital representation of a physical entity or system. It involves connected “things” generating real-time data. That data is analyzed in the cloud, and combined with other data related to the context around it. It can be then presented to operators and maintainers in a variety of roles, so they can remotely understand asset condition, history, etc.. Wind turbines are complex with respect to technology […]

What went down at the 4th Annual Offshore Power Cable and Reliability Forum?

Fibre Optic Cable Failures vs. Power Cable Market controversy as a highlight of the 4th Annual Offshore Power Cable Engineering and Reliability Forum! “The 4th Annual Offshore Power Cable Engineering and Reliability Forum has just drawn to a close and I’m still buzzing from the presentations, audience led interactive sessions and panel sessions including the odd point of controversy from the last two days in Prague. More than 55 specialists […]

How digital technologies led to a paradigm shift in wind farm operations

Operation of a wind farm has been challenging since the early period of technology. The operators have been spending precious time and resources to overcome uncertainties brought by wind. However, in the recent years, digital technologies stepped in to mitigate these uncertainties. Examples from the industry show that early adopters of digitalization are already benefiting from it. IoT and Big Data analytics are in the center of digitalization and they […]

Could Wind become a Reliable Source of Energy?

Wind energy is one of the most affordable forms of electricity today. R&D efforts perfected the turbine design in the last 20 years. The manufacturers launch newer and bigger turbine models each year. Yet, there is a down side of the technology that hinders its adoption: dependency on weather. Investors want to know if the location they choose for a wind farm is the optimum one. In the meantime, wind […]

How Big Data analytics and IoT power up wind turbines while cutting operational costs

Wind farm operators are seeking ways of driving operational costs down and managing the impacts of unpredictable wind.  The uncertain nature of wind energy generation complicates its operation.  IoT, together with Big Data analytics can empower operators by eliminating the unknown. The operators of a wind farm, equipped with the right IoT devices and powerful analytics, can compare their real and ideal asset performance. Beyond the comparison, the right analytics […]

Revolutionizing Wind Turbine Maintenance: How Big Data Analytics and IoT help wind farm operators to maximize their ROI?

Ideally, a wind turbine must be ready to operate any time the wind blows. However, this is not always the case due to unexpected failures. Wind turbines consist of various moving parts and mainly operate in remote areas. Therefore, a reactive maintenanceapproach is very costly due to emergency repairs and decreased availability. Big Data analytics and IoT revolutionize the maintenance approach by turning the unexpected failures into accurate predictions. Most of the faults give the early signals before they […]

72 kV AC “Wet-design” power cables and Umbilicals

Remote locations of the modern offshore O&G sites are bringing the need for the reliable, efficient and cost-effective deep-water applications. Subsea cable technology has been steadily developing through the last 2 decades offering the wide range of solutions to the industry.   Amongst the latest innovations is JDR’s 72 kV “wet-design” power cables and umbilicals.  These designs eliminate the need for a heavy metallic radial moisture barrier as used in conventional […]