Peculiarities of Condition Monitoring in Small Hydro

In the common and generally accepted sense, condition monitoring (CM) is referred to machinery as an essential part of the predictive maintenance, while the fitness-for-service (FFS) has the same goal as CM, but referred to static equipment. Both terms are derived from the oil & gas industry where for the first time those concepts were applied in the past and then extended to other fields, including hydropower. As everybody knows in the field, a hydropower plant is composed by many elements and it can be said that hydropower is a highly multidisciplinary field, involving hydrology, hydraulics, geology, structural, mechanical, electrical, […]

Benefits from Smart Charging and Discharging

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) (whether PHEVs or BEVs) will represent a key technology to reach the CO2 emissions target in the near future. As a consequence, car manufacturers are offering more and more PEVs in their product line. The battery capacities of these PEVs are getting increasingly larger thanks to technological improvements and to scaling effects leading to cost reductions. PEV batteries need to be charged by being plugged in the electric grid. The bigger the battery, the more power is required to charge the battery during the same period of time. The rise in PEV penetration thus poses serious […]

Electric Vehicles’ Heavy Duty Possibilities

Think ahead: the possibilities of heavy duty EVs Electric fleets will be part of a massive change that we will see within the transportation sector. At ChargePoint we believe that no major industry will change more over the next two decades than transportation: the combination of “on-demand mobility”, “autonomous vehicles” and “vehicle electrification” will change the world as we know it. This will lead to a dramatic acceleration of productivity and even more important to substantial improvement of the quality of our life. So what about heavy duty EVs? We think the time for eTrucks is ripe and that three […]

Mainstreaming Solar Energy with Prosumers through SolarCoin

“SolarCoin is like air miles for global solar electricity producers.” SolarCoin ( is a global solar rewards program that has been acting independently and additionally to existing Government-backed subsidies for a period of 40 years. SolarCoin is a Digital Asset created as a means to reward solar energy generation and solar energy producers (both PV and CSP) and incentivize for further solar growth throughout the world. SLR are granted at the rate of 1SLR per MWh of solar power produced. SolarCoins have been granted to solar power producers in 68 countries with over 11.000.000 SolarCoins granted – enough to power the […]

Knoll’s Risk Management and Business Continuity Journey

Sitting Pretty Furniture manufacturer Knoll uses more than 70 FM Global services to reduce risk For Jane Dwyer, Knoll senior director of strategic projects and business risk management, watching TV often complements her work. Invariably she finds herself scanning the background, looking for Knoll’s iconic designs. “Look, there’s one of ours,” she often announces to her family. It’s an occupational pride at a company that has been creating inspiring interiors for businesses and residences for more than 80 years. If you look closely, Knoll furniture can be spotted on TV sets, in movies and throughout the offices and in the […]

How Mature is your SCRM? Introduction of a Self-Assessment Model for SCRM Maturity

Companies often have difficulties to identify strengthens and weaknesses of their SCRM to increase their competitiveness. In addition, the comparability with best practices can be challenging. A maturity model can counteract these problems. During the last years, numerous maturity models have been adopted by industry and developed for various disciplines, e.g. in the area of business process management, information technology, software development, product development or supply chain management. Nevertheless, a literature analysis conducted by the author focusing maturity models in the area of SCRM has clearly revealed that the guidance provided by the existing SCRM frameworks and maturity models focusing […]

Development of Smart Vehicle-to-Grid Integration to Face Growing Energy Demand from EV

The world is changing and is starting to look like the futuristic movies from 30 years ago. What people dreamed about then, we start to see it now: mobile phones, artificial intelligence passing Turing test, electromobiles, self-driving cars, aero taxis. The reason we are moving forward is because we are dreaming. Dreaming about convenience, speed, environment friendliness. Evolution of transport among others is led by a few trends/desires of people: clean transport to make our lives in the cities of better quality, cheaper transport. This is exactly the reason the world is seeing a fast development of electric cars, shared […]

SCRM Education, Standards, Credentialing & Use Cases

Lehigh University developed the first MBA SCRM class in 2010. The concept has now grown to a global level. The SCRM Consortium includes 22 companies and 1,000 professionals. SCRM continues to grow as a discipline, predicted by yours truly and co-author, Dr. Robert Trent at Lehigh University, in our best-selling book–“Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging Discipline.” The consortium facilitates more than 20-plus workshops and speaks at about 10 conferences, per year, around the globe. Our published book and the Consortium continue to help companies Identify, Assess, Mitigate and Manage supply chain risks. With that backdrop, the current state of […]