On 1-2 July 2020, in Prague, we are organizing the drug discovery and development conference, for the third time in a row since 2018. And with the current situation with coronavirus in the world the conference’s key themes gain even more importance as Artificial Intelligence can be used effectively to identify and develop AI-powered drugs to shorten the infection and prevent complications.

The conference is taking place as planned. Pharmaceutical companies, clinical genomics and bioinformatics companies, technology providers, R&D, universities, and other pharma and healthcare sector players will be discussing integrating and applying AI algorithms to enhance trial design, improving patient selection and retention and achieving a more precise AI-powered drug, and using ML to support R&D and strategic decision making.

BIS GROUP is committed to having people and their safety first. We believe the situation will improve in the coming months and we are collaborating with relevant national authorities to secure health and safety of conference attendees. In the worst case scenario we come up with the revised dates and benefits for delegates.


In the meantime we offer a PRE-REGISTRATION option to those experts, who are hesitating whether to register at the conference or not. Payment is not required.

In case worse comes to worst, you can always cancel your pre-registration.



Recommended behavior for your own and others’ safety:

– Avoid handshake

– Wash your hands frequently

– Stay home if you are sick or experience any cold/flu-like symptoms

– Seek medical care immediately should you begin to experience cold or flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, trouble breathing)

Recommended Resources:

World Health Organization (WHO) Novel Coronavirus Daily Situation Reports:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Situation Summary:


Keep an eye on the conference’s website for updates:


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